From Mowing Lawns to Managing Commercial Landscapes

As we look back to the beginning of this journey, we find it hard to believe where we’ve arrived today. Who would have predicted that a business started with a mower and a moped would survive to celebrate it’s 25th anniversary? Some would say that our survival is a tribute to our hard work. Others might point to luck.

Our clients have told us that they believe that Perficut is simply a different kind of company - an enterprise fueled by progressive spirit and managed with a level of passion that is uncommon in our industry. But we believe that’s just one part of the equation. Our roots reflect an approach that is mostly old-fashioned and inspired by the generations before us who refused to take shortcuts and knew the value of a job well done.

The DNA of our company was created in it’s early days - part friendship, part family. Over the decades that followed, our family grew and our friendships deepened. Many, many people dedicated their lives to our success, and as we think of those individuals now, we realize that the trait that united us was our shared passion for details.

Meet The Team

Continuing to Deliver the Best in Lawn care, Landscape and Snow Management

We’ve also noticed that our world and our industry is changing faster now than ever before. It’s no time to stop and celebrate. In fact, the quality of our lawn, tree, and snow services and the efficiency of our business must accelerate, not relax.

When it comes to explaining how we approach lawn care, snow removal and commercial site maintenance, to name a few of our services, it’s best done by reading our mission statement. In 2016, Perficut re-committed to its brand-values and strengthened its mission to better reflect the company’s growth over the past 25 years. Take a look.

Perficut Mission Statement

Perficut Site Management is fueled by passion. It shows in the meticulous eyes and hands of our employees. You feel our promise and friendship in the handshakes from our team. We believe there’s only one right way to maintain a corporate site. And we do everything we can to live up to that ideal every day.

Perficut clients recognize early on that we are a different kind of company - an enterprise fueled by progressive spirit and managed with a level of passion that is uncommon in our industry. But that’s just one part of the equation. Our roots reflect an approach that is inspired by the generations before us who refused to take shortcuts and knew the value of a job well done.

At Perficut, we don’t see our work as a business - we see it as our profession. For more than twenty-five years, we have utilized a dependable, adaptable, proactive approach that creates greater value for our clients and delivers unexpected results worth remembering.

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Meet the Perficut Team

Des Moines Residential Sales Manager

Lisa Sneddon-Kisting

Residential Turf Sales | Des Moines

Starting with Perficut back in 2005, I have been able to gain a vast amount of knowledge and use my experience to help others for their turf health needs. Moving over to the sales team, I have been able to meet my goals, assist clients, and try to make everyone’s experience with Perficut a positive one while working on promoting green and healthy lawns. Being at Perficut for several years, I have been able to form relationships with clients. There are many clients that call on me for my expert opinion and to find resolutions for their problems. I have been working for 12 years within the industry.

Des Moines Production Manager

Bryce Halter

Irrigation Construction & Service Manager | Des Moines

I enjoy helping our customers achieve landscape excellence through their irrigation systems. Whether it be a residential or commercial client, each job holds the same value and importance to me. My irrigation team strives for perfection and we work around the clock to make sure we meet our goals and client expectations. I have worked and gained numerous amounts of knowledge during my 11 years working for Perficut’s irrigation department.

Des Moines Tree Department Manager

Ian Monstrom

Tree Department Manager | Des Moines

I supervise tree health care, pruning, and removal crews while also training personnel on proper arboricultural practices and company procedures. I believe in delivering the best possible service with a high level of professionalism and expertise in our field. Previously working as a wildland firefighter for the USFWS, has taught me what I know about hard work, team communication and chainsaw operation and maintenance. Starting with Perficut in 2012 as a tree Grounds man, I worked my way up becoming a Climber, Foreman, Site Supervisor and eventually Production Manager. I became an ISA Certified Arborist® in 2016.

Des Moines Landscape Maintenance Manager

Lisa Fazio

Landscape Maintenance Manager | Des Moines

I maintain properties existing landscape beds and install color with annual and perennial gardens and planter pots. Being a part of the Perficut team, I have been given the opportunity to enhance and maintain many unique and special properties around Des Moines. I am passionate about creating and caring for beautiful green spaces, colorful gardens and hundreds of planter pots throughout the city. I received an Associate’s degree in Commercial Horticulture and have over 30 years of experience in all areas of landscape, specializing in annuals and perennials.

Des Moines Head of Operations

Kyle Swenson

Production Manager | Des Moines

Head of Production Operations | Des Moines
I work hand in hand with our production managers on a daily basis to ensure we are hitting production goals and finding creative solutions to grow, train, and become more efficient in the field. I believe it’s my role to empower Perficut team members to find what drives them to become better on a daily basis. Creating a positive work environment and helping develop processes and/or procedures with our process improvement team, has allowed me to help our department grow. I have worked for 20 years within the industry.

Des Moines Residential Lawn Manager

Aadam Zeimet

Residential Lawn Manager | Des Moines

As a production manager, I create routs for daily production, order application products, and build and maintain a commercial schedule while keeping constant communication with my turf health team. I feel that every client from the 3000 square feett residential lawn, to the 1 million square feet factory, are all on the same level and should receive the same treatment and service. I have worked and gained nearly 18 years of experience in the industry.

Des Moines Doug Fulton

Doug Fulton

Production Manager | Des Moines

I coordinate all materials, staff and equipment needed to produce work sold by our sales team. I take great pride in what I do and in being part of something with such a wide scope of work and services. Being a part of a team that has a drive for success, fuels my success. I thrive to be constantly adapting and being organized to make sure I do my job well. I have worked and gained 20 years’ experience in the industry.

Des Moines Production Manager

Jason Montoya

Mowing Production Manager | Des Moines

I coordinate all materials, people and equipment required to produce a quality job for several job sites. I oversee scheduling of jobs to meet deadlines and work to identify and retain appropriate employees for the mowing department. I enjoy helping employees and customers on a daily basis. It’s great to see our employees transform the look of a property, and deliver the high quality results our customers are looking for. I have a bachelor’s degree in management.

Des Moines Quality Control Manager

Jeff Goode

Quality Control Manager | Des Moines

My main focus is to ensure that our performance and the product that we deliver to the client meets our standards and exceeds their expectations. After landscape installations are complete, I provide periodic reports to clients communicating the current condition of their plants, turf, irrigation performance and hardscape elements. I educate the client as to what they should expect their site to look like through changing seasons to help promote a healthy landscape. I have been in the landscape industry for over 12 years.

Des Moines Production Manager and Estimator

Chris Cocherell

Production Manager & Estimator | Des Moines

I do SWPPP inspections and work on keeping jobs in compliance under the GP2 (General Permit #2). Within my project management role, I ensure all projects are going as planned from start to finish and coordinate needed work with crews and clients. I believe communication with a client is important. Knowing our clients’ needs with an open line of communication makes it easier to give them the expected end results on any type of job. I have worked 15 years in the Industry.

Des Moines Project Manager & Estimator

Alex McKinney

Project Manager & Estimator | Des Moines

I provide cost estimates for landscape designs, and designing landscape solutions. As an estimator, I work directly with general contractors and suppliers in terms of reviewing contracts and pricing. My job allows me to see both sides in the construction industry: design and implementation. My experience at Perficut is very rewarding for an aspiring landscape architect, as my job allows me to master skills and interact with various clients that are critical for landscape architects and performing well in the construction industry. I received my bachelor of Landscape Architecture at Iowa State University.

Des Moines Construction Manager

Nick Cimaglia

Construction Manager | Des Moines

I manage the landscape construction department and seek new project opportunities. Receiving contracts for large projects is equally about a partnership and the actual dollars involved. I have the opportunity to budget projects before they are out for bid which only comes from our clients trusting us to provide them the information and budgets they need to better advise their client. I may be able to get us to the job but our team has to fulfill the promise. And they always do.

We love the projects that scare the competition. The more complex the better. I enjoy the spaces we help to create especially when the projects are designed to be experienced. I’ve been working in the construction industry for 20 years in the Des Moines area.

Des Moines Account Manager

Kyle Campbell

Account Manager | Des Moines

My main goal is to create relationships with our clients, and being the “one point of contact” with each commercial account I manage.
Being an account manager, we are the eyes, ears, and voices of our clients, our production teams, and our admin team. I strive every day to retain my current clients, build a bigger portfolio, and work side by side with our production crews to meet Perficut standards. I have spent the last 11 years in various avenues of Account Management and Sales.

Des Moines Account Manager

Ryan Katch

Account Manager | Des Moines

I manage commercial and residential Maintenance and Snow accounts. My favorite part of being an account manager is being able to build relationships with clients and ensure they are 100% satisfied with their service. Acquiring new accounts is always fun, but I strive for retention and all clients to be over joyed with the services we perform. I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a BA in Earth Science.

Des Moines Account Manager

Dave Davis

Account Manager | Des Moines

I manage commercial and residential Maintenance and Snow accounts and assist in the Construction Department.
I am very aware of how my work and the work of each Perficut employee can significantly impact the daily life experience of the owners, staff, and patrons of our accounts. I try to work with and through our team to continuously make that impact positive and recognizable. I strive to build open and trusting relationships with my clients... ones that makes it easy for them to be confident in their investment in Perficut and the service we provide, and ones that makes it easier to keep choosing us to be their partner. I have a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from ISU, 32 years’ experience in the field... primarily in landscape design, sales, installation, and maintenance.

Des Moines Account Manager

JC Obrecht

Account Manager | Des Moines

I manage commercial maintenance and snow accounts.
I absolutely love working with my clients.  I strive to create long lasting partnerships.  I believe that great communication, honesty, and accountability are the foundation.  I’m very passionate about presenting all clients with the best service possible.  I’m not satisfied until they are over satisfied.  I’m proud to serve some of Des Moines most prestigious downtown properties and I like to think Perficut is helping our great city look at its best every day. I have over 15 years’ experience in Site Management.

Des Moines Account Manager and Arborist

Mindy Charron

Account Manager & Arborist | Des Moines

On a daily basis, I meet with clients to help with their tree care needs. I feel that our tree team can truly help homeowners and commercial property owners to protect one of their biggest and most difficult to replace investments- their trees and shrubs.  I am passionate about being honest and fair to the client, giving thoughtful analysis of their issue, and offering a reasonable solution. I earned the title of ISA Board Certified Master Arborist in 2015, becoming the first and only female in the state. I also have my Associates Degree in Commercial Horticulture along with 15 years’ of experience.

Des Moines Senior Project Manager

Dan Mertes

Senior Project Manager | Des Moines

I am the main point of contact for commercial projects and oversee production, estimating, and construction sales for projects. I enjoy being able to watch a project through from start to finish and building lasting relationships with clients through constant communication and hard work. I have over 6 years of experience within the industry.

Eastern Iowa Sales Representative

Jessica Bartlett

Sales Representative | Eastern Iowa

I work to gain new sales and gain density in Eastern Iowa. I am passionate about providing the best site management solution to businesses and educating clients of our seasonal services. On a daily basis, I strive to obtain large corporate accounts where Perficut can manage all maintenance services throughout the year.  I have my MA in Executive Management with 15 years of sales experience.

Eastern Iowa Sales and Account Manager

Tiffany Vaske

Sales and Account Manager | Eastern Iowa

I have a multi-dimensional role within Perficut. As Sales Manager, I facilitate new corporate and commercial sales in the Eastern Iowa market. As an Account Manager, I monitor sites, perform site reviews, focus on customer needs and service, and provide a positive and educational atmosphere for our crews. I enjoy working for Perficut and my favorite part of my job is the interaction I have with my customers and the challenge of something new every day. I earned my BA from Iowa in Economics and have over 15 years of sales experience.

Eastern Iowa Operations Manager

Ryan Nurnberg

Operations Manager | Eastern Iowa

I work to effectively run operations from every aspect of production. I am fortunate to have a role within the company that is always evolving and never the same from day to day. I strive to create an environment where my crews can succeed while our client’s prosper and receive site maintenance perfection. I have worked several years within the industry.

Omaha production manager

Mike Elgin

Production Manager | Omaha

In a new city and new market, I strive to be the best through hard work and dedication. When I leave a property at the end of the day, my goal is that I do not have to worry about a client calling with a complaint. Working for Perficut, I went from laying mulch and cutting tree rings, to mowing, irrigation, and hanging Christmas lights.  I found my favorite position doing lawn apps for our residential clients in Des Moines. One day I was asked to move to Omaha, and now here I am to bring Perficut perfection, one commercial site at a time.

Omaha Sales Representative

Jon Denton

Sales Representative | Omaha

I am tasked with the goal to grow Perficut in the Omaha/Council Bluffs market. This involves scheduling appointments, preparing and delivering presentations and maintaining customer relationships to ensure customer loyalty through excellent customer service and meeting expectations.  Every day is a new challenge; a new prospect; a new opportunity. Working for an established, trusted and forward-moving company allows me to position us as the industry leaders in Site Management. I have a BA in Health & Sociology with 12 years of experience in sales.

Omaha Business Development Manager

Josh Hyde

Business Development Manager | Omaha

I strive to connect with and create lasting relationships with current and potential clients, in an effort to create a high level of trust based on knowledge, performance, and confidence. I am passionate about our products and the promises we deliver on and am motivated by having the flexibility to develop realistic and customized solutions for our clients. Opportunities to work with large manufacturing facilities and corporate campuses, as well as develop an entirely new approach in an untouched market for Perficut, brings an exciting touch to my every day work day. I have a bachelor’s degree in sociology and roughly 8 years of experience in the industry.