IN THIS ISSUE OF LIVING DETAILS, we’re saying goodbye to La Niña and getting ready for your best summer ever. As we reported in the fall edition, La Niña is characterized by warm temperatures and above-average moisture, and she delivered exactly as we predicted. For most of us in Iowa and Nebraska, that meant a winter with more rainy days than snowy days, and many more days spent killing time in the shop changing oil in our snow blowers, than actually digging out from any big dumps. For guys that live to dig and plow, it was a long winter with a lot of time for daydreaming and making plans for warmer weather. Now that the mercury is climbing, we’re ready to get after it!

In this issue, we’re exploring a wide range of topics related to the American Man. After a winter without any below zero days to speak of, we’re kicking things off by cranking the temperature all the way down to minus-250-degrees Fahrenheit. Yep. You read that right, minus-250. Check out the story on KryoVitality and learn all about the health benefits of severe vasoconstriction and rapid vasodilation (and yes, we’ll tell you what that actually means).

To get your heart cranking again after the big freeze, we’ll take you over to Fontenelle Supply Company to get outfitted. This new shop in the East Village is handcrafting all kinds of leather and denim goods that you won’t be able to figure out how you lived without (page 12). In addition to offering everything from leather field guides to motorcycle helmets, these guys are also experts at axe sharpening, and you can learn all their tricks in our “Spring Prep” section (page 20).

Of course in Iowa, the word “spring” is synonymous with “motorcycle,” so we’ve got a guide on how to get your bike prepped for those late summer sunsets. While you’re on your ride, we recommend that you head out to the new brewery, Reclaimed Rails, in Bondurant. The brewery looks like a museum and the beer is so good you’ll want to be sure to have Uber on speed dial. Check out the story on how it all came together on page 32.

This spring our landscape construction department is packed with exciting new projects throughout the region as new residential projects seem to be sprouting from the soil of downtown Des Moines like tulips. One of our features tells the story of Tim Rypma, who at the tender age of 37 is somehow considered one of the pioneers of the city’s rebirth. There’s even more inside. Check it out. Soak it up. And make it your best summer ever.