Winter Predictions

El Niño officially came to an end in early June, ending a period of unusually warm climatic conditions across North America. But don’t put away your shovel just yet. As we look forward to the upcoming winter season, the experts at NOAA are anticipating heavy snowfall and periods of bitter cold as a new La Niña system develops in the Pacific.

La Niña is the cool counterpart to El Niño and is characterized by unusually low ocean temperatures in the central and eastern equatorial Pacific. La Niña puts emphasis on the northern jet stream while weakening the southern jet stream, keeping moisture in the northern tier of the country.

“La Niña will bring its full impacts to the U.S. throughout the winter season,” said AccuWeather winter weather expert Paul Pastelok. “Colder-than-normal conditions are predicted to grip the northern Rockies and Plains over the late fall and into the winter, with some harsh spells at times. During the coldest periods in the winter, nighttime temperatures could drop into the minus 30 to minus 40-degree range.”

Early winter


late winter

As moisture gets trapped in the north-central Midwest by La Niña, the cold conditions could result in a winter with record snowfall.

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