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Perficut is the only site management company in Nebraska and Iowa to be recognized for its leadership across all four seasons by publications including Lawn & Landscape, Landscape Maintenance and Snow Magazine. Furthermore, our suite of self-performed exterior maintenance services provide a single-source solution, so that you have a single point of contact that can fulfill your needs no matter the season or the service.

When it comes to commercial maintenance, our Cedar Rapids and Iowa City commercial landscaping teams are second to none. We understand that our commercial client’s property is a tangible reflection of their brand and we work every day with the belief that meeting client expectations is simply a starting point. Our award-winning crews perform services including turf and bed maintenance, landscape architecture and construction, erosion control and storm water runoff, and tree health.

When planning for winter weather, we understand that a lack of preparedness can cause many risks to a business, including service delays, location closings and costly accidents. Perficut goes beyond your run-of-the-mill commercial snow removal company. In order to better mitigate risk, we developed a comprehensive Snow & Ice Management Program designed to benefit your bottom line while taking the worry out of winter. We are proud to say we have more ASCA-certified snow professionals than any other company in the world.

At Perficut, no assignment is too large or too complex. Our team is composed of more than 250 site management professionals who can make even the most complex task appear simple. We utilize a dependable, adaptable, proactive approach that creates greater value for our clients and delivers unexpected results worth remembering.

Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Services

All of our commercial and business lawn care contracts begin with a detailed site inspection. Our team of experts will get to know the needs of your location, identify any shrub and flower problems, diagnose tree health or tree diseases, and note any past problem areas, from general lawn care to commercial irrigation. After this review, we assemble a customized plan to ensure your commercial landscape receives the dedicated attention it deserves. Our services include:

TURF MAINTENANCE AND HEALTHCARE Healthy turf needs to be mowed regularly, at the right height and direction and with sharpened blades. And that’s not all that goes into maintaining a healthy lawn. We also provide services such as mechanical edging, aeration, and weed control to keep your property looking manicured.

COMMERCIAL LANDSCAPING We have high standards, and we believe there's only one way to maintain a corporate site. Each and every day, our Cedar Rapids and Iowa City commercial landscaping teams work hard to live up to that standard. Perficut has been delivering unexpected results that are worth remembering for over 25 years. We're beyond proud to be trusted by a multitude of significant companies and organizations around the midwest

SNOW AND ICE MANAGEMENT With our customized winter site management plans, risk mitigation is our number one goal. We're on your team, so we take into account that the safety and accessibility of your location can heavily impact your profitability. You'll see that level of commitment to you and your business in everything we do.

HOLIDAY DECORATING We've got you covered. Perficut offers custom lighting packages along with seasonal decorations like trees, planters, and ornaments. We serve high-traffic locations such as hospitals, clinics, retail buildings, and shipping and manufacturing centers — and we're ready to serve you.

TREE HEALTH When we visit your site, our team of experts will inspect all trees and identify if any diseases are present. If so, tree care and maintenance will be included as part of your commercial landscape’s customized plan. You can be certain that we’ll give your property our dedicated attention to get it back into top condition.

IRRIGATION If you need a new commercial irrigation system designed or just want an existing one mapped out, we’ve got the expertise to make it happen. Plus, we’ll maintain it. Just schedule three appointments once your system is installed: spring start-up, summer check-in and end of season shut-down.

FLORALSCAPING From season to season, we are happy to keep your flower beds and planters looking fresh. When it comes to flowers, our goal is to stimulate growth, strengthen plants and let your dreams blossom. Seasonal themes and color change outs are available, plus bulb planting.

Snow Service Partner Program

View a digital copy of our Snow Service Partner Program.

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