Residential Irrigation

At Perficut, we know that your irrigation system represents a significant investment in your home, but there are many reasons to make that investment:

  1. Effortlessly maintain a healthy lawn
  2. Ensure you aren’t over-or-under watering
  3. Conserve a significant amount of water
  4. Lower your water bills

Once you decide to install a lawn sprinkler system, you’ll want to decide which type is right for you: an underground system, drip system, or soaker hoses. We’ll help make sure it’s the most reliable and efficient option for your home. Perficut also performs regular maintenance following installation, which includes Spring Start-up Services, a Backflow Certification, Mid-Season Evaluations, and Fall Shutdown Services.


Spring Start-Up Services

We’ll turn on your system properly after it’s been dormant all winter, eliminating the possibility of burst fittings, which can happen when sudden air pressure forces a rush of water into an empty pipe. Our experts will also perform an annual tune-up, checking each sprinkler head, the water pressure, batteries, and the zones from the controller. If they find any issues, they’ll be resolved in no time.

Backflow Certification

Each one of our experts is backflow-certified, meaning they’re trained in preventing and controlling backflow situations. Backflow happens when a potable water system and a contaminating source are accidentally cross-connected. Some companies are certified or have experience in backflow assembly, but every one of our team members is certified, putting your worries at ease.

Mid-Season Evaluations

Partway through the summer, we’ll come back and perform another tune-up to ensure your system is still working properly.

Fall Shutdown Services

When the watering season ends in Des Moines, Iowa, and the surrounding Midwest, we’ll prepare your system for freezing temperatures. That consists of turning off the main water line in order to blow out the backflow and irrigation lines. We want to avoid water freezing in the pipes, meaning all water needs to be removed.