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Snow & Ice Management for Critical Sites

We provide our clients with customized winter site management plans.

The central focus of every one of our snow and ice management plans is risk mitigation and safety. Perficut leads the industry in this area because we understand that the safety and accessibility of your site can have a dramatic impact on your business’ profitability. We also know that the best way to avoid weather-related incidents is to plan, and the best way to avoid weather-related claims is to document. Accordingly, our site management plans involve advanced planning and ongoing documentation. Finally, we know that even the best plans won’t work unless they are followed, so our program includes four levels of review, including an audit by an independent outside auditor. Here’s an overview of the steps we take for our clients:

  1. Train our employees to be the best-of-the-best.
  2. Inspect each site before the winter season begins.
  3. Create a snow map showing what services will be performed and when.
  4. Monitor the weather closely and keep you updated on our cleanup progress.
  5. Perform snow removal, including plowing, when winter weather hits.
  6. Document the condition of your site and the services we performed, mitigating risk.
  7. Get a jumpstart on equipment maintenance, ensuring we never slow down.
  8. Audit our work to identify where we can make improvements.

For more than twenty-five years, Perficut has been working to redefine the commercial site management industry in Des Moines, Omaha, and beyond. Our snow and ice management program is just one more example of how we’re living the details.

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Perficut is chosen by more shipping and manufacturing center, hospitals and clinics, and high-traffic retail and corporate locations than any other site management company in the region.

Program Overview


To be the best, we know that you have to recruit and train the best. With our new Perficut University, we are writing the book on snow and ice management.

Perficut University was built in partnership with Des Moines Area Community College's Business Resource Center and is the most comprehensive training program in the industry.

At Perficut, we believe that our snow and ice program is supported by a team of professionals that is second to none. Perficut has more ASCA-certified snow professionals than any other site management company in the world. But because we wanted our team to be even better, we developed a new comprehensive training program for all of our employees and service partners.

Perficut University is a revolutionary new training platform that provides our team with the latest industry information and best practices through hands-on exercises and web-based lectures and tests. The program includes a core curriculum with training on 38 topics, with frequent updates that address emerging issues and site-specific topics when required. The curriculum is presented through a proprietary online training system that can be accessed from smart phones, tablets or desktop computers, which means that Perficut University goes wherever our team members go! After the program is completed, our employees and service partners travel to one of our three regional operations centers for final testing and certification.

The platform was developed in partnership with Des Moines Area Community College’s (DMACC’s) Business Resources department, which is now utilizing the platform as a model for training in other industries.

Preseason Site Inspection

The best way to prevent issues during the winter season is to anticipate them.  That’s why Perficut performs a detailed site inspection of each property before the season begins.

Each engagement begins with a detailed pre-season site evaluation. During this review, our snow and ice professionals will inspect your property to identify areas where there may be a higher risk for incidents, slip-and-fall injuries or any other type of damage. We will identify all areas of primary concern and define any unusual risks that may be specific to your property. We’ll also identify any areas that may create an attractive nuisance or be impacted by local ordinances or laws.

After addressing issues of risk mitigation, our team will map and stake important emergency systems that may be covered by snow (such as hydrants, emergency exits and fire lanes) and landscaping features that may not be visible after heavy snowfall. We’ll determine how and where to store snow, and evaluate any issues with surface runoff and refreeze.

The complete preseason site inspection is documented in our proprietary software as it is performed. The complete report is then sent to you before any services are performed.

Snow Planning

We hate surprises and we know that you do too. That’s why every site we manage has a detailed snow map that tells you exactly what services will be performed and when.

Commercial Snow Removal Services Des Moines
Perficut’s snow plans provide a clear and well articulated service plan so that you never wonder what will happen during a snow event or when.

After the site evaluation has been performed, one of our account managers will review their findings with you in detail. During this review, they will discuss any additional concerns that you have about the site that may not be apparent from our inspection, such as unusual traffic patterns, irregular pedestrian flow, or seasonal abnormalities.

When our team has a complete understanding of the risks presented by your property, our snow and ice professionals will draft a comprehensive site management plan to mitigate the identified risks. The site management plan will include a summary of the plowing, deicing, and sidewalk services that will be performed, and detailed information about the equipment, materials, and personnel that will be utilized in the performance of those services. If excess snow is to be stored onsite, the plan will also include a map that will identify areas that have been designated for that purpose. If excess snow is to be removed from the property, the plan will include details on when and how that will occur.

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Monitoring & Communications

Anticipating winter weather is essential to providing the highest quality snow and ice services.  That’s why Perficut has a team of independent meteorologists and a communications team that will keep you advised of the status of your site no matter the time of day (or night).

Our team of independent meteorologists will keep an eye on the weather no matter the time of day. Then our client communications system will update you as services are performed.

In Iowa, snow events never seem to occur during business hours and rarely occur when predicted by the local media.  Accordingly, Perficut has a team of dedicated, trained professionals that monitor conditions 24-7 throughout the winter months so that you are never left out in the cold.

In order to make the best even better, the team is supported by a team of independent meteorologists that ensure we know what’s happening regardless of the news cycle.  The meteorolgy department runs multiple models and forecasts during each whether event to make sure that we have the best data available.

Furthermore, because we know that you want to know the condition of your property no matter the time of day or night, when winter weather strikes, you’ll hear about it from us first. You’ll also be notified via email when our crews are mobilized, when they are performing services and when they have completed their work.

Snow Removal

After months of preparation and planning, we’re ready to perform services when winter weather strikes. With a fleet of more than 100 vehicles and 200 pieces of heavy machinery, no job is too large or too complex for Perficut.

Snow Plowing

The central service of nearly all of our snow and ice management plans is plowing and removal. Perficut has one of the largest fleets of snow maintenance equipment in the midwest and there is no job that is too large or too complex for our team. With our system of regional dispatch centers you can be assured that our team will always be close-at-hand when winter weather strikes. For critical sites where every second of response time must be considered, we have the capacity to store snow removal equipment directly on site.

Our plow operators perform services according to the site management plan, prioritizing ambulance and fire lanes, handicap parking spaces, delivery docks, and building entrances and exits. They also document their work in real-time, with photos, time logs, and notes on every service that they perform.

All of Perficut’s site managers are accredited and certified by the Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA) and each and every one of our snow professionals undergo continuing education to maintain and improve their skills, and stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and techniques.

Snow Hauling

Many urban commercial sites, such as parking decks and high volume commercial lots, have no snow storage area. Even where snow storage is available, many midwest winters include at least one snow event that results in accumulations significant enough that stockpiling plowed snow at your commercial site is no longer feasible, or ongoing accumulation throughout the season results in the intended storage areas reaching their safe capacity. In these instances, snow hauling is required.

Snow hauling can be an exceedingly complex operation which requires the coordination of multiple heavy equipment crews, who are working late at night in inclement weather, while experiencing poor driving conditions and a-typical traffic patterns.

In order to mitigate the risk that is associated with unusually heavy snow events, Perficut creates contingency plans for our commercial clients that identify alternative dump sites, and designate crews and equipment capable of efficiently relocating large snowfalls to these dump sites.

Our fleet personnel are on-call 24 hours-per-day, seven days-a-week, and have been specifically trained in the operation of heavy duty vehicles during snow storm conditions.

Ice Management

Our commercial ice management programs are a critical component of designing a site plan that will maximize the safety of your employees, customers, and visitors. Our ice management programs feature products produced from natural ingredients that are safe to handle, won’t damage or stain shoes, carpet, or asphalt, and won’t harm plants or vegetation.

When designing your ice management program for a specific snow event, our snow professionals will evaluate the surface involved, the temperature range anticipated, the rate at which snow is falling, and the volume of traffic at the location. After analyzing conditions, our team will select one of our liquid, solid, or blended deicing agents, and then schedule application before, during, and/or after a snow event.

Our program is designed to reduce icy conditions at your commercial site by applying the optimal product, in the optimal amount, at the optimal time.

After each snow event, your designated account manager will inspect your lots, sidewalks, landscaping, and surrounding areas to ensure that there is no runoff from any liquid deicing agent, and that there is no corrosive impact from any salt that was applied.

Sidewalk Management

Commercial sidewalk snow management is a surprisingly complex service that requires a team of skilled operators with a wide variety of specialized equipment. Perficut has a team of more than 250 snow professionals who have been trained in the operation of blowers, sweepers, pushers, skids, plows, and good old fashioned shovels. Whether there is a half-inch of snow, or a foot or more, our team will be ready to make sure your pedestrian areas are ready for business.


Risk mitigation is the heart of our Snow & Ice Management Program and we know that the key to managing risk is documentation.  At Perficut, we record the condition of your site throughout each snow event and document the performance of services in real time.  Plaintiff’s lawyers hate it, which is exactly why we do it.

The filing of lawsuits alleging injuries from a slip-and-fall accidents is inversely correlated with the strength of the economy.  Since 2011, questionable cases have risen at a rate of up to 20%.  In 2014, more than 3,000 claimants were found guilty of criminal fraud for filing meritless claims.

When a snow event occurs, our team will document the condition of your site in real-time, at the start of the event, throughout the event, and after the services are performed.

Our experience has shown that real-time documentation is an extremely effective way to eliminate false or exaggerated weather-related claims such as slip-and-falls. Accordingly, we have invested in technology that allows all of our operators to document their work with field notes and photographs as services are performed.

It’s just one more example of how Perficut is investing in your bottom line.

Equipment Maintenance

With a mobile repair vehicle and a fleet services department that works 24-7, you can rest assured that equipment breakdown will never interfere with the delivery of any winter service.

Difficult working conditions, cold temperatures, slick surfaces and poor visibility are some of the factors that make snow management so hard on equipment. When winter weather strikes, you don’t have time call a mechanic or trailer equipment across town to a shop that won’t open until Monday morning.

That’s why a strong snow program requires a maintenance department that is seamlessly woven in to the service delivery plan.

Our fleet services team contains a group of industry experts that are able to repair and maintain all the equipment required by your snow program from the most complex end loader to the simplest snow thrower.

We also know that there are times when it won’t be feasible, due to time constraints or poor weather conditions, to return equipment to our 30,000 square-foot shop. So we built our own mobile repair vehicle that’s dispatched with a few clicks in our Mobile Repair Request app. It’s like an ambulance for a sidewalk machine.

During the winter season, our technicians are working 24-7-365 and are always ready to get essential equipment back on the road without delay.


Four-levels of internal and external audits ensure that ever service is performed as designed and documented.

Snow and ice maintenance is an exceedingly complex and dangerous business. During a single snow event, Perficut may activate several hundred snow and ice crews who will collectively travel thousands of miles in in-climate weather, often in the middle of night. Because of the nature of our client list, we believe that every service that we perform must be completed quickly and meticulously.

Perficut has always been committed to providing quality services through a process of continuous improvement. Our new audit process is simply a continuation of that commitment.

Any business that requires a large team to perform numerous critical functions at locations that are spread across a region, may run the risk of errors or irregularities occurring in their business. At Perficut, we strive to identify any irregularities before our clients do. In furtherance of this goal, we have developed a four-level audit process that ensures that each one of our site management plans is performed as written.

Our audit program allows us to identify any weaknesses in our snow and ice management process so that we can make continuous improvements throughout the season, and from one client’s site to another. It also provides our clients with confidence that they will receive the same high quality and timely service at each and every corporate location for which services have been contracted.

Finally, in the event that a weather-related accident or claim is made, loss adjusters will have confidence that services were performed as designed and documented.

Packages and Pricing

Perficut's Snow & Ice Management Program is available with two flexible payment options: a "Seasonal Contract" for those interested in budget security and a "Guaranteed Rate Plan" for those who prefer to pay on a per-event basis.

Seasonal Contract


Our Annual Service Contract is designed for companies that value budget security and convenience. This package includes all labor and materials for the onsite removal of snow up to 40” annually, with a discounted rate above 40” and rebates for annual snowfall below 30”.

Annual Service Contract includes:

  • Site management plan
  • Snow removal (up to 40”/year)
  • Clean-up, drifting, and refreeze
  • Specialty salt application (lots)
  • De-Icer application (walks)
  • Designated Account Manager
  • 24-7 Help Desk support
  • Pre-event snow alerts
  • Post-event survey
  • Post-event internal site audits
  • Random third-party site audits
  • Total peace of mind

Guaranteed Rate


Our Guaranteed Rate Contract is designed for companies that prefer to pay for snow services on a per-event basis. We offer a tiered pricing program that maximizes customer value with fixed service fees set in three-inch increments up to 12” per event.


  • Site management plan
  • Guaranteed pricing up to 12”
  • Discounted sanding (lots)
  • Discounted Ice Melt (walks)
  • Designated Account Manager
  • 24-7 Quality Help Desk support
  • Pre-event snow alerts
  • Post-event survey
  • Post-event internal site audits
  • Random third-party site audits


We spend the entire year thinking about snow so that you don't have to.  Here is a quick overview of our annual process:

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